Sure, review: Billy & Me by Giovanna Fletcher


For those who like the band McFly knows who is Giovanna Fletcher (Tom's wife), the author of "Billy & Me". In the book, Sophie is almost 30 years old and never had left her small home town in England. She never went to college, doesn't have friends and she works in a tea store with a lovely old lady named Mrs. Molly. Sophie stayed there because something really terrible happend when she was little.
Everything changes when she meets Billy, a young man that goes a lot to the tea store and attract her attention for his peculiar ways. But Sophie doesn't know that Billy is a very famous actor, tenneagers around town gets crazy for him.

After she find out about his career, they try to work on the relationship, but Sophie is very insecure, she doesn't find herself pretty enough to date a famous actor, who is noted to had date in the past beautiful models. Sophie has panic attacks which doesn't help her situation any better.

It's not because I like Gi (my new bff) I will butter up her. So, to be honest I think Sophie story line is cool, makes you wonder what is her big secret, but that is it. When she reveals her secret the story gets really still and doesn't make you want to finish.

It's only at the very end of the book that it's gets better and you want to continue reading and finding out why she doesn't think that Billy really loves her and why she doesn't go after her dreams instead of creating problems when there isn't.

I think it's a little boring all those pages of Sophie complaing about her life and everything, but if we take out those parts out it's a great book. All of the characters are really well written, we know where they are and where they are going. If I had to give a grade it would be a solid seven, even with all of unnecessary Sophie 'drama'.

Enjoy the book and have a cup of tea while reading, in a very british way.

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