Sure, review: Attachments by Rainbow Rowell


Oh, Rainbow Rowell! Our Young Adults (YA) Queen and can be proven on her first novel "Attachments". Her first book is very different from "Eleanor & Park" or "Fangirl", this book is for women who are not afraid to be themself, funny, clever and who likes a bit of sarcasm.
Coming from YA authors, Rainbow leave it very clear in "Attachments" that she knows how to write great stories for all ages.
Beth and Jennifer are best friends, they work together on a newspaper and they exchange e-mails about anything and everything everyday. Love life, children, family, sex... Yes, they speak, I mean type a lot. And we have Lincoln, the IT guy who is responsible for reading all the e-mails that are flagged as inappropriate and, of course, Jenn and Beth emails are flagged all the time, and they know about it, but just don't care. 

Lincoln work at the night shift and there isn't much to do, so it's fun reading the friends e-mails, so he doesn't send a warn to let them know that it's wrong. He begins to have feelings for them and can't stop reading, he is fascinated on their day to day drama.

If it was me reading I would not warn them. I thought that Rainbow was really clever on organizing the e-mails only on days that Lincoln reads it. It gives the impression that we, the readers, are reading over his shoulders and that we are part of the group.

The emails exchanges are so funny that it's really hard to put down the book. You want to know what's gonna happen next and when you know it's past your bed time and you dream about it. Yes, this happened to me.

It's so intringuing the plot, the charecters are so well developed that you feel longtime friends of Jennifer and Beth, and cheer for them. Lincoln is boyfriend material, and we all want it after reading the book. The romance involving one of the girls and Lincoln is so beautiful and exciting...

Queen Rainbow nailed it. "Attachments" is such a great story, is actually the book that you and your mother can read and enjoy together. Go read now and then let me know what do you think about it. 

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