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"Boy Meet Boy" follows the life of a boy name Paul, who has to deal with love dilemas. He belives that he has found true love, but like nothing is perfect he mess up everything. With the help of his friends, each of them peculiar and unique, try to fix things. It seems like any other story line, but it's not the case.
After I finished "Every Day" by David Levithan, which I liked a lot, I found out about "Boy Meets Boy" and my expectations on this book was very high.

"Boy Meets Boy" didn't left any marks or is going to be in my favorites books, but it was great to read, because it's really easy to get into the story. David knows how to play with cliche, a boy meets boy, but there is something in this book that no other author was able to create.

Each character is very diferent, has their own personality and they are well written, which makes all very interesting and makes you wonder more about their lifes. The scenario is incredibly inspiring, I mean, a school where gays and heterosexual kids came together to help straight people learn how to dance and the Prom Queen is the quarterback of the school time.

Although Tony's parents (one of Paul's friends) doesn't accept his sexuality because of their religion, it doesn't exist discrimination on the book. Like I said this makes part of their day-to-day just like it should be.

The book was launch in 2003 on the USA and this story line was unimaginable and that makes me like even more. Diferent genres coming together and being normal.

I didn't get over "Every Day", but I like this book, so if you are lookin for something funny and original with a bit of romance, this novel is for you.

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