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Ezra Faulkner  was a tipical hight school american boy, popular, capitan of the Tennis team, he dates the popular girl and of course he was nominated to be Prom King. Until one day, after a party he used to go to. Ezra find out that his perfect girlfriend was cheating on him. He left the party pretty shaken and theb he got into a hit and run.
He end up with a broken wrist and knee, and can't no longer play Tennis. That's when everything chances.

After a long time at the hospital and at home getting better, the ex- capitan has to go back to school. While he was injury, Ezra never got visited by those he called friends. He has to deal with reality and find out who he really is, as he is no longer the perfect american boy.

Ezra's still lost and confused, but get close to a old friend, Toby, and he has to face a diferent world, one he used to be pert of. At the nerds table, Ezra join the debate time and advanced classes, once he can't practice any sport. 

So, he meets Cassidy Thrope and they get along, by the way. She is all misterious, the type of girl that hide some big drama/secret (that reminds me a lot of Alasca, from Jonh Green's book). Inteligente, aventurous... it's kind impossible not to be interested by her.

Ezra grows as the book go on. He has to deal with his new life, new/old friends and discover what he'll do after graduation.

So, with no doubt I recomend this book. Just a few things I think should be more elaborated, like he's relationship with Cassidy, but over all is a great book. I loved that even after all the time apart, Toby welcome Ezra with open arms.

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